Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wendler not gone? How many people are reading this blog anyway?

Just got a phone message from the DE about my Wendler resigning rumor entry. Brandon is writing a story as we speak for tomorrow's paper. They called around and everyone says it isn't so. It was a juicy rumor too. Just for a moment I felt a sense of optimism about SIUC future.

I should have realized that Poshard has to keep Wendler around until the faculty contract thing goes down. He will be needed someone to blame if the professors strike.

You have to wonder how many people are reading this blog anyway? Don't you people have jobs? :)

For the record, if the DE can't catch me at the office, I'm not talking.

Like one of the young republicans in my employ wishing for "W" to become fiscally responsible, I keep hoping that Poshard will snap out of the Saluki Way madness and do a good job rebuilding the university. I guess both "W" becoming a good president and Poshard doing the right thing might happen in the future, but that will have to wait. Doesn't he know it is all about professors and classrooms, not about brass plaques with your name on them?

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