Sunday, October 01, 2006

I have caught up on my reading about Poshard's thing

I don't watch TV, so I didn't see the replay. My daughter was there and reported from where she was sitting all she could hear was "GLLLLLLEEEEENNNNN PPPPPPOOOOOSSSSSHHHHAAAAARRRDDDDDDDDDD!" and "SSSSSSSSS-IIIIIIIIII-UUUUUUUUU!" from the loud speakers and nothing from the speeches. She also reported there were 9 politicians, so you know I would haven't lasted through the whole thing.

I have written here that I don't care about this, I just don't want to them lie about the costs. I think this was a PR event and a non-event for those of us who care about performance. The only thing that matters is that Poshard does a good job. Like a good crowd at a basketball game, this PR event will be soon forgotten under the tide of reality after a week. I wonder if Poshard knows the reason people remember Morris's swearing in ceremony was because he succeeded. If Poshard screws this up, no one is going to care.

I'm pretty disappointed with Poshard so far. His administration building was added back into Saluki Way and his backing of football and arena instead of academics is going to really hurt SIUC's marketing story. He seems like a good guy, but like most modern politicians he seems to be shooting for a short-term PR fix and showing not much interest in long-term execution. I have a small amount of hope, but if he could just throw us a bone with some good decision making that would help.

Let me turn this over to our loyal reader (OK, I know there is more than one), what do you think?

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