Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A great quote from Ross Perot. Where is SIU's call for help?

I was reading the business section of the Post on Sunday and there was a quote from Ross Perot I thought I might share with you. He said, "You can't help folks who don't want to be helped." When I watch the actions of the SIUC administration, this is what I see. Where is the realization they have screwed up? They need to reach out for help beyond the petty administrators and their little empires or there might be real trouble.

Wonder what it will take before SIUC decides it has a sense of urgency? I'm thinking about 10% more reduction of on campus student should do it. Of course, if you lose 10% more students you are going to have a real mess. If you are a university administrator what do you care? The gravy train should keep rolling and there is always the last guy to blame for your own lack of accomplishments.

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Fraydog said...

If enrollment tanks another 10 %, that can just give the person who comes in Wendler's place the leverage they need to do the type of restructuing needed to make this place viable.