Friday, October 27, 2006

Bill McMinn picks Cardinals in 5 - the second tip of the hat to a great guy.

I stole the Cardinals in 5 idea from what someone told me at the REC Center this morning.

This is really a picture from a story about Bill McMinn's retirement, borrowed from our friends at the DE. I did my own little piece on Bill back in August.

A great guy, he will be missed.


Jonathan Bean said...

Bill is the best!

Anonymous said...

In my 39 year history with SIUC, Bill McMinn has shown me he is the person most sincerely interested in and ready to fight for students of all I've known. That our Rec Center is an national object of envy by other universities is directly attributable to Bill's integrity and exceptional hard work. I doubt the most of the University knows what it will be missing when he is gone.