Friday, October 20, 2006

Very small tip of the hat to John Dunn

Someone in the comments suggested that my view of John Dunn as an arrogant Provost and terrible manager were out of date. Like Uncle Walt, he is certainly warm in person. But his high handed methods of managing the faculty were really hurting SIUC.

After a very brief investigation, my sources tell me that Dunn has decided to not fall on his own sword and fail. Instead he is changing his management methods to allow him a chance of success.

That is great to hear. With SIUC's luck with administrators as soon as he does become reasonable he will get a job somewhere else. :)


Anonymous said...

John Dunn's main job, as is everyone's who works closely under uncle Walt is find money for him to spend.

The Provost main charge is squeeze the Deans and Academic Departments dry of every dollar they can get their hands on.

I think the Chancellor would be happier if he would have hired a used car salesmen or better yet a Repo-Man for the Provost position instead of an academician.

Peter in Carbondale said...

Well, there you have it. Well said.

Anonymous said...

If Dunn is "changing his management methods"that fits with my info that he is no longer under Wendler's thumb.

Expect news of Wendler's descent by Friday at the latest.