Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A smart marketing move from SIUC? Architecture gets a masters

From this article in the DE today, it looks like the architecture guys are getting a masters degree program.
SIUC's master's program will be set apart from other institutions because of its structure, Owens said. Students will go through a 42-credit hour sequence in 15 consecutive months, starting in May of one year and ending in August of the next. Other schools offer their programs in the traditional four-semester method, with classes only running in the fall and spring.
Instead of being bone heads and doing the same thing as every other establish masters degree program, these guys did something smart. They are going to get people through their program in only 15 months instead of 21. Genius! A marketing advantage.

Now if SIUC could do this about 50 more times, everywhere in the university it would be on the way.

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Anonymous said...

While doing my senior exit survey last year for the Civil Engineering program, I was asked if I would be likely to participate in something similar if the engineering department had it. It was all hypothetical at that point, but now that architecture has it, engineering may not be too far behind.