Monday, October 02, 2006

More about the College of Mass Comm problems

I have received a link to the SIU Alumni protest website that addresses the rift between this vocal group of alumni and the dean. Some press in Screen magazine has been generated. Seems like the big picture is that the alumni don't like things like
Since this Dean took office, the College has lost twenty tenured or enure track faculty. They are systematically being replaced by un-tenured, and, therefore, controllable, faculty handpicked by the Dean and his small coterie of senior faculty administrators.

Ouch! That can't be good, but it is certainly the future under Uncle Walt and their SIU as a business model.

Also from the protest website
Could it be that Dean Pendakur possesses unique insights and wisdom that is successful predecessors and several SIUC administrations somehow lacked? One glance at CMCMAƒ'’s mission statement, as currently posted on its website, reveals a deeply troubling truth: nowhere does it mention that the College seeks to train students for successful careers in their chosen profession or to assist them in finding jobs upon graduation. The omission is no accident. It exemplifies everything that has gone wrong in CMCMA under Dean Pendakur. He is simply not interested in a career oriented curriculum.
It isn't as if this has just come up. Check out this year 2000 article from the DE.

I'm thinking no big checks for Southern at 150 from this crowd?

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