Thursday, October 26, 2006

DE says I'm "largely against Wendler and his plans."

From the DE's Plagiarism report to be released next week story in today's paper. I'm kind of disappointed about the DE publishing my position is just largely against Wendler. Haven't they been reading the blog? I'm calling Wendler the worst SIUC leader ever!

I'll ask this question a different way, if Wendler and Poshard came to an "agreement" that his contract to be chancellor would not be "renewed" next summer, would they tell the DE reporter this truth? If you are a lawyer then you could call a deception like this the truth, of course an engineer would call it a bold face lie.

Makes you wonder if the DE asked the right question yesterday. Maybe asking "if Wendler's future as chancellor has been determined," might have been a better question? When you start talking in legalize about these things, you can't fire Wendler, you can only make him "transfer" to his new job as a professor in architecture. One of the weaknesses of the DE is their reporters are being lied to for the first time, once they figure it out they are gone (as an example, Wendler's $1800 desk).

Deception seems to be part and parcel of the SIU and Illinois political playbook. I'm looking forward to seeing if the administration has "deceived" the DE using word games or maybe Wendler is going to hang around and build Poshard's buildings?

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