Sunday, October 22, 2006

Administration makes "final" offer and breaks "interest-based bargaining?"

Sounds good to me, let them eat cake. :) Do you think this is pressure from the administration or a little mistake when they put the football result up? It does seem like the most important economic/business story in Carbondale right now doesn't it?

The administration is offering $2M in salary increases over the next 5 years (up from $1.1M in their first, best and last offer we initially heard about) and the faculty wants $4M. Anyone know the percentages on these numbers? Is it $2M per year or $2M spread over 5 years of increases?

The poor little faculty members who don't understand how to improve the administration at SIUC, here is your chance. A nice one week strike should make a big statement that you aren't content to sit in your offices and take it.

I would hold the line and get at least 3.3% that the feds gave social security, then you will only be losing 2 or 3% per year vs. real inflation over the life of the contract. You guys understand that all these Bush tax cuts and federal spending are going to drive inflation and interest numbers up for quite a few years to come?


Jonathan Bean said...

The $2M only refers to equity pay (for underpaid faculty).

General increases:

The annual increases (4.5%, 3%, 3%, 3%, 3%) will be distributed 1/2 across the board and 1/2 merit. This will hopefully lead to a distribution in which meritorious performance over the life of the contract will result in increased rewards. Also, promotional increases are being doubled from 300/600 to 600/1200 per month for promotion to associate or full respectively. Faculty being promoted could also choose a salary equal to 112% of the mean unit salary of the rank that they are leaving.

Equity pay over the five years:

250K FY08, 350K FY09, 500K FY10, and 900K FY11

See, I don't just bloviate, I dig for the facts!

Anonymous said...

Can you honestly say we're the Second Crown Jewel anymore?

That honor now goes to Illinois State. Look at their ACT scores compared to ours.

Thank you, Wendler.

Anonymous said...


It's standard operating procedure to put the football result up. I see no conspiracy in that regard, acutally I hear a lot of voices in the DE cry and whine about the DE grilling them. I guess that's a big sea change from a few years ago, but then again Lance can't tell them what to do anymore.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I finally figured out how to find an article like this one, you go into the staff profiles and they list their recent stories there. Since Brandon Weisenberger - Campus Editor ( always writes all the interesting stuff, you just go find his staff bio and it is right there.

Anonymous said...

"acutally I hear a lot of voices in the DE cry and whine about the DE grilling them"

-- what does this mean?

Anonymous said...


I meant that I hear a lot of voices in the administration cry and whine about the DE grilling them. Listen to some of WVW's radio interviews if you don't believe me.