Thursday, February 16, 2006

Booby's Sandwich Shop Sold?

For quite a few years now the Carbondale Institution of Booby's Sandwich Shop has been for sale. The price listed has been up to $300,000+ for the business and the building. Word on the street is that a sale is pending for far less money.

Booby's was the first place that I ever paid my own money to eat. With new owners, bread making on site, a return to high quality fixings and the Booby's secret sauce the business should be up and doing well again.

I has amused me in recent years that if the employee working at Booby's is smoking, the entire place stinks. A smoke eater machine or just a no smoking policy might help bring this former regular back. Until the smoke situation is fixed, don't expect much business from the SIU based townies.

First Post

I wanted to have a place to write about my adventures as a businessman in Carbondale, IL. This seems like a better spot than the letters to the editor of the Southern Illinoisian.

I'll try to work on my bio and other information going forward, maybe somebody will read this?