Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why Apple doesn't make the iPhone in the USA

and what it means to Southern Illinois business.

Here is the article that got me started - TUAW Overview. Here is a link to the NY Times article that had the original research. The summary - "the Times found is both simple and chilling: iPhones aren't made in America because they just can't be. The infrastructure and labor force doesn't exist at the levels necessary to support Apple's operations -- it's not even close."

The big problem I found running BoundlessGallery.com was the lack of trained talent to do the work. After thinking about this for a long time, I have decided that you can't run an IP based, technology company, that requires 50 or 200 software engineers. So, in a small way, we (Southern Illinois) vs. Silicon Valley are/is just like the US vs. China.

We had better do something where you can get enough talent. I'm thinking iPhone apps, small scale factories and the like are the future. I'm liking the sin business more and more.

More about this later, but it is interesting to think about.

Of course, your comments are welcome.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Pols are sh**heads!

Movie actor Daniel Craig recently was quoted as saying, "Pols are sh**heads." What a wonderful summary of politics in the USA. Can you imagine sitting down for lunch with someone, have them look you in the eye and lie to you. Knowing their lying, the politician knowing that you know they are lying or will soon know, but they think that is OK?

As we wander down the road of life, isn't it too short to have people telling us lies?