Thursday, October 19, 2006

Peter for Mayor - wow, comment shot across the bow.

One of the things I find disappointing about Carbondale is how few people care enough to be nasty about anything. So I get this nasty comment to my Peter for Mayor post -
No, Peter, you are not warmer in person than Brad "I am not gay" Cole. Politics is definitely not in your future.

You have had tremendous success in the business of writing device drivers, but the only things you can do now are to be a Carbondale philanthropist, a blogger, an art merchant, and a gadfly.

All of these are worthy uses of your time, but you have less charisma than either Ms. Simon or Mr. Cole and don't have a chance at being elected.

Nonetheless, I think you are good for Carbondale, even if you get a bit nasty at times.
I'm not so certain I am good for Carbondale. You can't help people who don't want to be helped. Maybe this social Darwinism of Carbondale and SIU are what attract and keep people here, the same as the attraction of doing something exciting keeps people in Silicon Valley?

One of the things that strikes me about talking one on one with any politician is how guarded they are with everything they say. It is like being in "Bull Durham" movie, "it is all about the team." I was raised to think that people who smile and lie to your face were rude, and people who tell you the truth liked you. I guess your mileage may vary?

I think you have hit on a point that I have decided as well, that I can't do in Carbondale what I planned to do. I don't think that being a "Carbondale philanthropist, a blogger, an art merchant, and a gadfly" is enough for me. Maybe it is time to do something else?

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dave said...

Why can't you do what you planned to do here in Carbondale?

Will you have time to run for Mayor before you move? Be the blogger candidate?