Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Most effective Administrator at SIUC? I would fire him for this.

From above the fold in today's DE Administrator: Student Conduct Code flawed - Campus.

Let me see if I have this straight, one of Wendler's direct reports, Associate Chancellor for Diversity Seymour Bryson is calling the university decisions flawed? Maybe he doesn't know what is going on and didn't hear the part about his employer potentially being sued? If he worked for me, he would be sacked for this. You don't get to grandstand and be called as a witness for the claimants and keep your job the in the world I live in.

From the DE article -
Bryson did not mince words about the missing administrators.

"That shows disrespect. That shows lack of caring," he said about his absent colleagues.

Dietz said he was speaking at a local high school and that he believed Del Rio and Huffman were teaching night classes.
Shouldn't you figure out where the other people are before chewing them out in public? I generally call people who I want to show up before a meeting like this and see if they can come. Maybe that was to much trouble for Dr. Bryson?

If he was quoted correctly, it would seem that Bryson is above the law at SIU. I think his mission to help black students gain a university education is noble. He deserves respect and admiration for doing the job well for many hard years. Unfortunately, he also seems to have a "get out of jail" card. If you fire him, he will claim you are a racist.

It is hard for me to believe that Bryson survived the DOJ business and now this? Oh well, it is SIU.

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Anonymous said...

What you're missing about Bryson is that his title as head of diversity is a joke. He's a major bigot. Along with Walter's belief that "homosexuality is a sin," Bryson's inaction on the GLBT report from Dunn's committee shows this most clearly. Ask yourself: if the kids who got suspended were white, would Bryson have even cared, much less made a public stink? One can only wonder what his fellow administrators think after his publicly chastisizing them for not showing up after he did so so gloriously. To make the joke bigger: isn't he the one who got the 24% raise? Let's only hope he goes along with Walter.

Anonymous said...

If Ted Sanders was to be believed, that what JoAnn Argersinger was fired over. Bryson does the same thing and whatdaya know, he gets elevated for it.

Anonymous said...

Having watched Bryson go vacant every time someone complained about due process for faculty at SIUC, I'm amused to see that he's now championing the concept. As usual, it's all a question of whose ox is gored.

Anonymous said...

So what I hear everyone on here saying is that if you work at SIU you are not allowed to disagree with ANY decision that is made by other administrators. That being an employee strips you of your personal and professional opinions? The statement, "Ask yourself: if the kids who got suspended were white, would Bryson have even cared, much less made a public stink?" just proves my point. If the kids would have been white, they WOULDN'T have been suspended. But to answer your question, YES he would have spoken up. The policy IS flawed and any self-respecting person, employee, community member, etc. would recognize that and speak up even if they are disagreeing with an institution that you have been deeply involved in for nearly 40 years. Did you hear me? 40 years this man has given to this University and if you think that he doesn't deserve a 24% or 50% or 100% raise, I would like to see you do a fraction of his job for one day. Diversity is not a black and white issue it is a human nature issue and the comments posted on here just prove why a position like Dr. B's is needed at this university and every university across the nation.

Anonymous said...

And for the record, Bryson got a 2.4% raise not a 24% raise, just like every other admimistrator on campus, so before you post something so outragious, you should get your facts straight first.