Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nothing more to say?

One of the problems with small towns is there isn't much going on. Once you are done picking on SIUC, I'm having trouble figuring out something worthy of my time.

Two mayor candidates? One have no plan and the other no clue, should be interesting if Brad doesn't run.

To many restaurants? Yes, but with consumer spending down that should fix itself before long.

Gold's Gym opening? They are just nuts. What a waste of money. Like the Carbondale pool, the REC center will eat their lunch.

Wendler seems to be trying a hostile take over of the A/P Staff Council. I hear the best way to get a raise at SIU is to become chairman, the second best way is to be elected to a leadership roll on the A/P Staff council For a guy with dropping enrollment and no brochures in high school guidance councilor's offices, he does seem to have some time on his hands. Must be waiting for architect plans for Saluki at 150 buildings.

Anyone got anything juicy they to get out in the open? :)


don said...

Nothing juicy, just sharing your surprise at Gold's Gym opening in Carbondale. I give them three, maybe five years, tops, before they close their doors. You're right, there's no way they can compete with the rec center.

Anonymous said...

Nothing too juicy here either, but regarding restaurants - there may be too many of some kinds but there is one too few as far as I'm concerned.

I really miss Murphy's. Their french onion soup was unequalled anywhere. They had so many different things that you could go there any time and something would appeal.

With Murphy's gone, there is no place to get a decent steak at a reasonable price in Carbondale. The last time I went to Lone Star, I spent $30 for me alone and walked out hungry (because I didn't eat the bucket of peanuts they're hoping you'll fill up on).

If I thought I could be a capable restauteur, I'd recreate Murphy's. It was well patronized until the end.

Saluki87 said...

Here's a random thought for you to comment on regarding the Park District. Why don't they offer a recreational activity that is not offered here? The golf course was a waste of our resources in that we have plenty (I'm a golfer and I still think it was a foolish use of tax dollars). A pool? Plenty of those too. Why not build an ice skating facility? Many people here are from areas where figure skating, hockey, etc. are popular yet we have nothing. It would make the community more complete and is greaat for kids. Yes, it's expensive and I've actually looked into the cost vs. revenue in depth. Only a govt. entity behind it will work. It's loser in the private sector. 4 years ago George Ryan gave Kankakee a $3 million grant to build one so maybe a well connected politico could tap into some financial help! Maybe an SIUC-Park District-City partnership? Just my 2 cents worth. There may be some other things the Park District can do that are more effective.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I feel the loss of Murphy's too. It was really poorly managed at the end, but it had a long standing good reputation. The funny thing is the guy who bought it was managing IV's, so he switched it over to pizza. He somehow thought that everyone who ate at IV's would follow him to the new place and he would be rich. I think he is going to have a painful few years. Can you imaging ripping out the grills to install a $300k pizza oven in this town?

My feeling is that El Greco's should convert to a hamburger place. They could do it about the same kitchen and there is no place to get a good burger in this town.

Love the idea about the ice rink. Not saying it is a good business, but it makes so much more sense than an outdoor pool. We all know that outdoor pool is going to turn into a black vs. white mess of politics before it goes much further.

Fraydog said...

You could blog about the proposed changes to USG and GPSC. That's one SIU topic that's a whole different can o' worms.

It is interesting though, if he has time... It really marvels me though that the administration doesn't take time to take USG and GPSC people under wing more, in other words, do a lot more personal mentoring to develop their leadership potential as well as bringing really good leadership speakers in.

That would be the fastest path to fixing student government without taking away electoral powers from the students.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you give your opinion and collect ideas from others on what to do with the homeless problem in Carbondale? Yes, it is great to be a community with a heart and provide services to those who need and appreciate the services. On the other hand many are street people who choose to live on the street and take advantage of the services with no real intention of improving their lives.
The City I believe is doing what the law allows it to do. Therefore, this needs to become a state matter. Laws need to change.

Homeless are everywhere even in DuQuoin if you listened to Channel 3 last week. They are intimidating, scary and are a danger to themselves and you just never know when they will become a danger to someone else.
To many people are afraid of the homeless, to many people enable them by giving them money presumably for food butactually for the liquor store.
I am not without compassion but I am also realistic, this is a problem that has been ecnored long enough.

bill said...

Re: the homeless people problem

"Anonymous" has it wrong. The cities of Carbondale and DuQuoin need to rethink their policies of prohibiting the discharge of firearms within city limits.

We have problems with too many nuisance deer, also. I say we stop ecnoring both problems and cull the deer and the homeless. I could use the target practice.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I think you should run for Mayor!!

Peter in Carbondale said...

I'm just wondering if the guns are going to be used to solve the homeless problem! Next blog I start will be politically correct, I promise.

bill said...

Peter, Piotr, Petros:

Politically correct? Anonymous said that the homeless are everywhere and they are scary.

I, for one, am tired of being held hostage by you terrorist sympathizers. These people are SCARY and George W. Bush and Congress are telling us time and time again that we need to kill them!

Who are you to question the President? You darn liberals....

....well, if you don't want me to shoot the homeless, can you at least admit that I should be able to torture them until they leave Carbondale and start a "sleeper cell" somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

I know, this is back to picking on SIU but this Diversity Initiative is scary. SIU already has the most diverse campus in the state and as the diversity increases so does crime. News of rapes, robberies, assaults could backfire against SIU and instead of being seen as a haven for minorities become known as a "dangerous" campus for non-minorities especially females.

Anonymous said...

Ok, no shooting that's really stupid.
Let's try these issues
1. Effectiveness of Carbondale's Tourism Bureau with nearly a $300,000.00 budget.
2. Do we really need to expand the city limits?
3. Let's talk about the local print media. Who is doing the best job?
This is a good start.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of diversity...Why are there so many white people in civil service jobs at SIU?