Thursday, October 19, 2006

My only question about the USG task force - back to the lazy administrators.

I was looking at the top story in the DE today (the newspaper is better, they didn't put the list of 7 items on the web). I had to wonder, if Wendler is capable of using outside help to analyze the USG, why isn't he doing the same thing inside of the SIUC administration?

Can you imagine anything better than outside experts looking at Sue Davis's dysfunctional PR machine, ORDA, Dunn-Richman, Center for Academic Skills (or whatever Dr. Bryson's empire is called this week), Travel Service, Career Services, Physical Plant, etc, etc? There is so much deadwood in the administration, that if you struck a match you would have a recreation of the "Old Main." Sure, I know that there are lots of hardworking people in the administration, but still how many people are hiding behind the admins and doing nothing?

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