Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Getting back to important stuff - where can you get a good burger in this town?

Please, don't start by telling me that one of the fast food chains is good. Steak and Shake would be fine, if cooked over an open fire. I have had a good burger at the Depot in Murphy, but the fries were bad. The meat quality at Holihans and Applebees is marginal. For some reason the quality at Lone Star is hit and miss, I hate that.

As I wrote in my previous comment, I think they should switch El Greco's over to a burger place. Good quality meat, toast the bun, fancy hotdogs from Louie's P&R in Herrin, they already make good fries, rings and mushrooms. You could get more than the fast food places and I think it would fill up.

Where can I get a good burger around here? I know about Red Mill in Seattle and Broiler Bay in Bellevue, WA already. What is your favorite?


bill said...

Good question about where to get a real burger and fries or rings. I used to get that at Murphy's. I can make a burger on my grill, but I'm certainly not going to get a deep friar, er... fryer.

Last evening, I had my usual spaghetti dinner at IV's and the beautiful girl with the blue eyes was not there. In fact, I didn't recognize any faces at all. So I stopped by Spinoni's on the way home to see if she had gone over to the dark side.

About the same small number of cars in the lot as at IV, but upon entering I noticed that all patrons were drinking, not eating.

I did not see the slender dark haired girl with the enchanting eyes there. Maybe she just had the cold that is going around.

Ulysses said...

Peter, Midwesterners are too healthy for a true cardiac burger. You'll have to go to Staniches in Portland; 4915 NE Fremont.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I will try it next time I'm in Portland, but I don't get that far to the East normally. I used to live in Beaverton, work in Hillsboro and hang out in the West. Of course, this was when I was single and Powel's was the greatest bookstore on the planet.