Tuesday, October 24, 2006

USG President takes a leadership position?

Piece from the DE, check that deep thinking about student conduct. I'm reading the DE and the mess about the 9 students kicked off campus for some kind of involvement in a fight/beating. The USG president doesn't think the students who did the beating should be punished and those who stood by and watched shouldn't be punished? Ignoring the people who clearly need to thrown off campus, why didn't the "witnesses" break out their cellphone and dial 9-1-1?

Hard to take the exiled student's side, clearly the right thing to do is tell the police. If you are worried about getting involved, then leave the area and call the police. I guess they can choose to not testify later and it is unlikely they would be charged with a crime. SIU isn't the court system though and you don't have the high legal standards of the US Constitution to worry about.

There is an article of wonder from the DE today that matches, about some clown who was busted for selling beer to minors and having a house party. He is shocked that SIU has rules! He went to court and pleaded the case out, but he can't understand why SIU might think he is guilty (after he said he was in open court).

Sometimes you get the idea that today's students have been handed so much without working, they don't understand that eventually you will be counted as an adult. When you are part of 3 guys beating 1 guy, or someone who witnesses the beating, you just bought into becoming a responsible citizen. Stuff happens. It is to bad the parents are talking about suing SIU instead of wondering how their child got to be 18 years old without having a clue.

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