Friday, October 20, 2006

3/4ths of Americans think Congress is whacked

One of the young guys at work just taught me about whacked, so I thought I would throw it in for luck. :)

Check this article about Congress. It is amazing that the press has found this story of late. It has been heading this way for a long while.

If the Democrats take over I'm going to have to start a political blog. Impeaching Bush, trying to get the pork barrel and super-rich give always under control should be fun.

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Jonathan Bean said...

One of the only anti-pork barrell congressmen, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK), wrote an eye-opening book, _Breach of Trust: How Washington Turns Outsiders Into Insiders_. He's still in the senate and didn't make any friends by blasting Republicans like Trent Lott and others for their pork-barrel spending.

FYI: I testified at a U.S. Senate hearing called by Coburn last spring. The topic: Whether to abolish the scandal-ridden, useless Small Business Administration. The SBA freaked, as it usually does, but no one ever expects Congress to get rid of the thing (Reagan tried in the 1980s and failed; many called it a belwether of the failed Reagan Revolution).

What's wrong with the super rich (I love these terms, what's next the super poor? I'm poor but I'm "super?!"). P.J. O'Rourke said giving money to the government, REpublican or Democrat, is like handing your 16 year old daughter to a young man, then handing him the keys to your car and giving him a six-pack of your beer. Have a good night, kids: I trust you and will see you in the morning...." (Parliament of Whores).

My next project is to research successful businesspeople and philanthropy. Perhaps you could blog on your principles of philanthropy? You're a giver in the vein of Carnegie or Rockefeller, who spent their millions wisely.

Some of the super rich will spend the money wisely, some will spend it stupidly (George Soros comes to mind, but I digress). However, you can count on Congress to spend it foolishly AND attach strings to the "aid."