Sunday, October 01, 2006

OSU students aren't fat and smoking.

We are back from Oregon and I have a couple of thoughts for you. First, OSU students are noticeably skinnier than SIUC students. Don't know what is means, but it seems to be true. Second, it is very nice to eat dinner and have no smoking. Everything is Oregon is non-smoking. People aren't huddled around doors smoking outside either.

I wonder how many years after a state goes non-smoking for all workplaces that the rate of children smoking drops?


Fraydog said...

Were they skinnier in a weak sort of way, or were they skinnier in a more athletic kind of way? You think with the resources SIU offers our students would be healthier, we put a lot of investment into it.

Peter in Carbondale said...

They look like SIU students did when I was a student. I bet the average student is 20 lbs. lighter. It isn't that they are lighter or more athletic, it is so many SIUC students are just fat.

A note from a middle aged man, if your gut is bigger than mine, please ladies don't wear those cut off tops.