Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Southern - Donors ask where is the money going?

Looks like some donors want to know where their money is going. Caleb Hale's story today in the SI is kind of interesting and it really seems like my point 3 in this entry.

Honestly, I know that SIU doesn't tell you anything about what happens to your money after you give it. But when you gave $100k 10 years ago, what you do you expect? That isn't very much money in the scale of things at SIU. The stuff the money was going for existed for at least 5 years, isn't that enough? Are the donors expecting a building to be named after them for $100k? I have written checks of this size to SIU and don't expect anything beyond a thank you letter from Ricky for my taxes.

I think this is more of a witch hunt going after the Mass Comm Dean, who these donors seem to hate. I don't know anything about Mass Comm, but clearly this Dean should have worked with more touch than I show in this blog. ;)

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