Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Spy vs. Spy - or Poshard vs. Wendler?

Word on the street is that Poshard and Wendler hate each other. For 5 years Wendler was able to run wild because Walker was sick and the BOT was rubber stamping. For example, does anyone think that Poshard's "retirement" was about him leaving instead of Wendler forcing him out? Now there is a new sheriff in town and he is going to prove to Uncle Walt that he has a boss.

The good rumor is that both of them have been developing a pile of dirt to throw on the other. Got to wonder how far they are willing to go to discredit the other? Does Wendler think he is going to get Poshard fired? Wonder why he isn't kissing ass to keep his job? Oh that is right, he fired Poshard and can't make that right can he?

Maybe Wendler has his house on the market because he can see the writing on the wall? It would be a bummer, it would mess up my rhythm in the blog. :)


Fraydog said...

Damn. Just when this was starting to get entertaining.

I think I've seen this coming for a while. I'll note two things.

1. Wendler and Poshard's cold hanshake at the inaguration.
2. No mentions of Saluki Way or Southern at 150 for that matter in the inaguration speech.
3. Wendler and his friends in the administration couldn't get away from that reception afterwards enough. The community members, faculty, and students all stayed to congratulate him, but the Southern at 150 script kiddies couldn't get out of SIU Arena fast enough. It was as if they all had hot dates waiting for them outside of the arena.

Supposedly all the Democrats in this area (Sheila Simon, Chris Wissman, Forby, Bradley, etc.) all want Wendler out because they want one of their own in the Chancellor's office.

nobody said...

Poshard has street credibility in Southern Illinois...

Peter in Carbondale said...

In response to Fraydog's comments -

It is kind of sad to think that the local Demo's care what party some guy at SIU belongs to. Maybe because they are Demo's they think performance matters and they want him gone for that reason?

I didn't know what Wendler had friends, you must mean the people who act friendly to get something from him?