Sunday, October 01, 2006

A little review of the old comments and more Wedler Gold!!!

I finally listened to this audio clip that Dave included in a comment. I just hadn't cared what Uncle Walt said, I have heard all the weak crap from him I can take. Anyway, this quote is all about the golden rule and how you should meet with people one on one and explain your position, blah, blah, blah.

Think about this "golden rule" idea, and let me just go over a problem that Walt and Dunn have created with the SIUC promotion for tenure and JRB reviews. So after 6 years of working at SIU the professors come up for tenure, if they don't get it they are fired. So for many of them in the last few years, they are approved by their department's professors, chair and their college's dean and then John Dunn turns them down without giving cause. They go to the JRB hearing and the panel (one representing the administration, one the faculty senate and one the professor) decide 3-0 that the professor should get tenure and the decision is sent to Walt for a final decision. Walt has turned down 8 out of 9 in the last 3 years. The professor is fired and if they sue SIU they will never get another job at a university as long as they live. OK, so this is the reality at SIUC.

So put these two things together. Do you think if Uncle Walt was going to follow this Golden Rule quote he gave that he should have the professor in his office one on one and explain why he is firing them? If the professor didn't agree then there should be a group brought in, etc, etc? Like his quote? That is what he is saying, but not what he is doing.

Last time I checked, this was unethical. You don't get to do this holy roller tells Bible fables act when it is to your advantage and just screw over people that work for you while ignoring the same fable. There isn't any equity or empathy from Walt for the poor saps who trusted their careers to SIU and got fired under his watch? I don't think my religious beliefs work this way, do yours?

Dave - next time you talk to Walt could you ask him about this? Have your recorder on, I'm all ears. Be sure to mention that if Walt wants to come to my office and talk over his management of SIUC, I'll make time for him. I don't have $20k custom made cherry desks and a squad of admins to hide behind, just 2 folding tables and a really excessive set of monitors.

As always, your comments are welcome.

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dave said...

Peter, I love a challenge and will try to do what you suggest, as soon as I return from Portland, where there are more outdoor cafes than blogs, I think. ;-)