Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Would you vote for Alan Keys?

Just a couple of years back, the Illinois Republicans were in bad shape, the had no one running against Obama for the US Senate seat. So they imported Alan Keys' from Maryland to run. I then stopped and waited for something exciting to happen. What we learned was, who ever put an Alan Keys' sign in their yard, voted Republican regardless of the quality of the candidate or merit. In Carbondale, we sure didn't see very many, but I talked to a couple of people who had the signs and they confirmed it.

I'm sure that many Green Party members voted for "W", oh sorry, Nader, instead of Gore in the 2000 Presidential election, because there was "no difference" between W and Gore. Let me suggest again, there is a difference.

In the last Illinois Governor's race, we actually reelected our current Governor, even though he sure looks to be corrupt and headed to prison soon! Granted running against Judy Barr..., who is equally bad, helped. But, if you didn't have party affiliation's to follow, why would you vote for either one? How did we manage to deserve both major party candidates being so poor and how could 90% of the voters justify voting for one of those bums?

Once you get past the automatic party vote, the vote you make because your neighbor is voting that way, or the vote you make because that candidate asked you first, why would you use your vote for anyone who isn't going to do the best if elected? How did our election process go so wrong, that people put out Alan Keys signs in their yards? What happened to quality? What happened to merit? What happened for rewards, based on results?

So, would you vote for a Dem, Pub, Green, Black, White, Gay, Woman, Catholic, etc. if they were the best candidate? Or are you voting for Alan Keys?

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