Thursday, April 12, 2007

Southern Illinoisan says, "Cole has earned the right to a second term"

Check out today's editorial.

They say -
We are hard-pressed to find any reason to change who sits in Carbondale's mayoral seat, and it is with a unanimous voice that this editorial board endorses Brad Cole for a second term.
In a nutshell, Mayor Cole in his first term has charted new courses for progress not only for the city but also for the region. His effort to bring area mayors together to work toward common regional goals has been invaluable.
We have seen his energy, his drive and his goal-oriented operating style at work and they have brought strong, positive results to Carbondale and to the region. We see no reason to change now.
Just when you thought that Cole couldn't have a better day in the press...

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Concerned said...

OK, I'm tired of waiting for the SI to post this brief comment, which I wrote yesterday, so I guess at the very least I'll share it with all you good people.

"Is how a politician runs their campaign not a demonstration of their character, and a preview of what they will bring to Office? Trying to stay open and give both candidates the benefit of the doubt, as the race comes to a close however, I have witnessed two things: Simon diffuses talk of “issues” by resorting to personal “attacks” (even when she may call them “comparisons that are fair in the course of a campaign”); while Cole defends himself from such attacks, then takes it back to the “issues.”

Do we vote for the person who, although grassroots oriented, appears to escalate negative campaigning every time she can, or do we vote for the person whose campaign focuses on issues relevant to Carbondale today? If how they campaign is how they will govern, as a Carbondale citizen I feel more respected by the latter position. I would rather be treated as a thinking adult, than an impressionable adolescent."