Monday, April 16, 2007

City Council Candidates - hard choices from imperfect candidates

Haynes and Jack - One doesn't vote on anything hard (anti-smoking stuff), but when he does vote, seems to choose correctly. The other doesn't seem to have a job, doesn't seem that prepared, but does seem to vote intelligently. Wouldn't it be interesting if Lance isn't reelected after being on the council for the best run in Carbondale government in years?

Moore - seems to be best prepared of all the candidates. Kind of like a younger Brad Cole. I said he had no chance before the primary, but he is looking good now.

Pohlman - is a one issue candidate, but that issue is now passed into law and the state will make it permanent soon. She continues to say the city is $6M in the red in the budget and that is just crazy. There are unwritten rules that you should never let a doctor be CEO, I wonder how you can think the Carbondale budget is in the red if you are listening. Looked stronger when I knew less about her.

Brown - Invisible to me. What do we know about her? I can't even tell you what she looks like or what she does for a living. But, that could be my fault.

Lewin - Lier and unacceptable to me. You ever notice where she is a Dr. and has 3 degrees from SIU? She didn't get her doctorate at SIU did she? Interesting deception there. My sources say, Sarasota University is the source of her PhD, mail order PhD is it? I guess that is OK isn't it? Where you get your PhD doesn't really matter. I got mine out of a cracker jack box.

If you could tell me who would really read the documents and prepare before the meeting, I could tell you who I would support. I had it as Pohlmann, Haynes and Jack before the primary. But Pohlmann doesn't understand the budget, Haynes has decided to call people racist over nothing, Jack has picked up the pace here at election time by suggesting winning compromises on anti-smoking and car dealer incentives. Moore is the biggest winner in my mind between the primary and today.

So, I guess I'm going for Moore, Jack and Haynes. But would be OK with Pohlmann or Brown. The blogging would be better if we elected Lewin, a little public exposure of her thinking and I could just write up the quotes without doing any work at all.

How about you? Who you got?

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b. ware said...

Let's just say the city of Carbondale would be screwed if a sneaky con-artist liky Lewin is on the city-council. Too many people have been hurt first hand because of her deception.