Monday, April 09, 2007

Good story from News 6 - Mud slinging in Mayor's race

Check it out. My Mac will not play the video, so let me know if it is juicy.

Simon said the city "paid for the travel up there," the hotel room and even, "renting a car in Chicago."

When asked about the expenditures, Cole replies that he didn't rent a car on the trip.

"I think she's getting that information like she gets the other stuff," Cole said, "they just make it up."

Ouch and a little more -

Mayor Cole responds, "we have a 42-million dollar budget and if she wants to approve washers and nuts and bolts and asphalt by the gallon then we can do that."

When asked what the city budget is, Simon responded, "I couldn't even tell you, there are so many figures that swim around the numbers I'm focusing on are not huge numbers."

I guess she wasn't lying about the budget before, she is just ignorant.

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concerned said...

And to add to your synthesis of the news piece Peter, I don't think it is a coincidence that Simon mentions that Cole traveled to swear in an "immigration judge." Being a lawyer, she has to be cognizant of how the use of the word "immigration" stirs emotions in the region (in one direction or the other). It's difficult for me to trust a person who runs a campaign on things other than reason.

Anonymous said...

Since when was immigration a hot subject in Carbondale? This comment is baffling. The guy was, in fact, an immigration judge and it's difficult for me to trust a person who spends my tax money traveling for political events.

Concerned said...

Well, I happen to be in contact with youth on a fairly regular basis, and when you hear them say that "Mexicans" and "Asian people" are taking away their jobs, (and Lou Dobbs comes to mind here) then immigration is clearly an issue, although perhaps not explicitly stated as such...

I'd need proof of the fact that the money being spent is indeed tax-payer's money to comment on your second point.