Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Will Sheila's Volunteers do anything in the city before the next election?

I have watched the army of volunteers that Sheila has had marching around Carbondale, hosting teas and the like. But, most of these people will do nothing for the city beyond volunteering in this election. Wouldn't it be more productive to ignore the election and work to make the city better the rest of the time? It isn't hard to be a big wheel in Carbondale, you could be in charge of something today, if you want to be.

I have been hearing about how much the Sheila volunteers love Carbondale, but it sure looks like the business community (ie the Brad supporters) is the group that drives improvement in Carbondale on a day to day basis.

I have spent most of my time over the last 5+ years doing my best to help Carbondale, in the best way that I knew how. My program has been largely unsuccessful, but hopeful and consistent. Maybe it is time to figure out what great ideas you would have to improve the city and start to drive them? Maybe you will be like me and fail, but maybe you will succeed and make the world better?

Successful examples of citizen's changing Carbondale government are the Arbor District PAC and the Anti-Smoking campaign. You don't need a study circle or someone's daughter to change the world for you, you just have to start working on what you want.

I couldn't understand the Simonite's call for opening the government of Carbondale, it is wide open now. Start a blog, a group, attend some meetings or write a letter to the mayor. You can change things if you want to. Even a lame computer guy like me gets to have a voice, it just takes a little time and energy.

What say you? Is there anything you want to accomplish in Carbondale? Why not try?

Your comments are welcome.


Anonymous said...

You complain about the 'Sheila supporters not doing anything in this town and that it is just the business folks who are driving change.

Then you point out two community groups that are huge supporters of Simon - the Arbor District and the No Smoking folks - as successful agents of change. And then you admit that the big rich guy in town hasn't been unsuccessful with his efforts.

Peter, you really crack me up. I know that you don't do it on purpose, but still.

b ware said...

True...the last anonymous person appears to be "cracked" up...

Peter in Carbondale said...

Isn't it great, life is so confusing when you are state employee isn't it? Welcome to the real world, one of chaos, confusion and uncertainty. Where today things make sense and tomorrow they don't.

Isn't it great. Anti-smoking is a well funded national campaign that found Mary P. to lead it in town. Arbor district leader seems to be D Gorton, who is a business guy and Brad supporter. So, with just a little research you will find you have no clue once again.

The task I set for myself was more difficult and ambitious, so I failed (at least so far). That is OK, I have failed before and I suspect I will fail again. But, I have also succeeded and my successes are so fantastic that the failure is worthwhile. My wife and I smile at my projects, then we move on when they fail. Hopefully, leaving the world a better place. At the moment that vote might be about 56% for and 44% against my efforts? But my creditiblity in this blog is derived from the economic development work and attempted good deeds. Also, I write better and more interesting stuff in the blog.

I just assumed that we all knew what was happening in town by now. I get tired of writing pages and pages to fill logic holes for nitpicking, lazy people. Go do some work and figure out what is happening in town, it sure isn't the university professors or state pay rolled people doing it.

I know your rap already, if those hardworking people didn't have all the money, they wouldn't be the driving forces in almost all things in town. Boohoo.

Anonymous said...

First time poster, long time reader. I'm curious to know what you would have done had Sheila been elected? I can't imagine it would be anything other than criticize the vast majority of her decisions from your computer desk, but perhaps you can enlighten me.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I guess it would have depended on what Sheila did or didn't do. She seems like a nice person, but doing better requires work and she doesn't want to supply it. She wouldn't spend the time to do anything hard, would she?

Sheila promised to do nothing in her plans for the city and I'm sure that would have been the focus of blogger analysis.

Are you thinking this blog is going to go on educating you guys for much longer? I have spent sometime educating my hometown about how the real world looks at certain types of problems. It was a volunteer effort. Now that Brad is back for 4 more years, I have a couple more topic to discuss and then we will see if this is fun anymore.

I can sell my mind out for better pay then this without a great amount of effort. So, if I don't feel I am contributing at a certain level I'll be gone.

I have lived my life for a long time off of a computer. I type really fast and I'm good at it. You are right, if I were to still blog, then my blogging would come from a computer.

Government (which includes SIU and the like) is important, but in Carbondale we place far to much importance on it. People are important, one person starting the right business will do more for Carbondale then any elected official will ever do. One attracted factory would improve everything about this little city except traffic.

So, it depends. :)

Peter in Carbondale said...

I just rejected a comment because they included copyrighted information that I can't print and I can't edit the comments. Here is the part we can use -

From Anonymous -

You are wrong about the Arbor District. It was actually pro-Sheila. D Gorton would be the first person to tell you he does not represent the entire AD. Read D Gorton's email from this morning and do not be so selective with the postings you let pass.
- included a Arbor Dist email -

End comment from Anonymous.

I know, but why get messy when you are making a good point? Comb through the Arbor District leadership and see what you see. :)

Peter in Carbondale said...

I always contact for permission before posting. If I don't have permission, then I link. If I can't link, I quote.

I agree that Sheila had 56% of the vote in that one polling place, but there was also a lower turnout then the primary there. Think that one over.