Saturday, April 14, 2007

Carbondale budget - two facts that don't go together

What I don't understand is how Sheila can admit that she doesn't know what the total budget of the City of Carbondale is and in the same conversation claim that Carbondale can't afford more police officers. If you don't know how big the budget is and can't really get your mind around it because "there are so many numbers floating around" or something, how can you know anything about what you can afford?

Back when I had a budget, I had both my take home income memorized and my piece of paper with expenses listed. If I added my expenses without understanding my take home pay, how could I budget?

I'm very sure that Sheila doesn't understand the Carbondale budget, aren't you?

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Anonymous said...

Let's forget about SS. Let's talk about some of the council candidates. I am undecided on these. Laura Brown gave me a flier tonight. Nice person. Some of her platform I did not like - though at least she has one. She want city select officials to get 3 credits worth of free tuition at SIUC so the city and university will have closer connections. Weird.

I like what I have seen of Joe Brown's campaign. But I need to learn more before Tuesday!