Friday, April 13, 2007

Murphysboro American endorses Cole

I found this over in Dave's blog, but I'll steal the link anyway. I like Dave's comment about the DE -
I guess the DE is sticking with Sheila, since Pepper Holder is out of the running.
Guess we will see who the DE endorses on Monday? Hopefully, they will do better this time.


Anonymous said...

Um, why should anyone care who the editorial staff of a paper from a another town endorses?

They may be endorsing Cole just because he is staying out of the Wal-Mart debate, and if Murphysboro gets a new Wal-Mart, that means less sales tax revenue to pay for all the things Cole is proposing during this campaign.

Kyle Raccio said...

Out of town support...

Thanks, Murphysboro, but we will decide this one on our own.

Peter in Carbondale said...

Nothing I like better then the "don't talk sense to me" approach.

Why isn't their opinion as valid as your's? At least, there is a perception of a newspaper have an impartial opinion. We know you guys couldn't see the forest from the trees.