Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why would I post anonymous attacks?

I'm getting complaints from both Brad and Sheila supporters that I will not post their anonymous attacks here. Why should I post them? No names, no supporting documentation, there is the whole line of Sheila's attacks on Brad based on things that she voted for, secret envelops passed between big shot Dem's and Sheila? It is all crap. Either, I have to believe it is true or you have to have some kind of reasonable documentation.

Look at the difference between Chris Wissmann's article and your rejected comments. He simply compared campaign literature and city council meeting minutes. This is the path to follow if you want to comment here.

Now if you want to have your opinion included here, that is great. Peter you are wrong, because... always works. There isn't any place for the whisper campaign that Sheila supporters are trying to carry out. Faceless and baseless accusations from shadows are cowardly, and have been proven to be untrue thus far.

Hasn't Sheila's campaign been damaged enough by all of the lying? Why don't you guys switch to the truth or at least drum up some documentation?

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cynical prof said...

I don't particularly like the national policies Chris Wissman has promoted in Nightlife, and when he came by running for city council the first time he ran, I point-blank let him know I would not support him. But I'm deeply impressed by this brave stand he has taken, and now know that he's a candidate I will vote for.

(Still anonymous, though!)