Monday, April 02, 2007

Someone has to ask this - does Sheila not understand the Carbondale budget?

I have written recently that Sheila is misrepresenting the Carbondale budget, but thinking about it more, it is possible that she just doesn't understand the budget. Can it be that she has been on the city council for 4 years and she doesn't understand the revenue reporting rules that the city is legally obligated to use?

I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I knew about this stuff when I was 21. You just have to read the newspapers and this sort of thing is spelled out fairly often.

There are way to many Sheila supporters running around town in a lather about the Carbondale budget and "the huge revenue shortfalls" or "the dangerous reliance on sales taxes." That BS has to come from somewhere. Mary Pohlman was quoted on this in the Arbor District debate last night, where did she get that bogus information? It does take long to tie Mary and the Sheila supporters right back to Sheila does it?

What do you think, is Sheila doing a Rove deception play or does Sheila and her whole camp not understand the Carbondale budget at all?

Your comments are welcome.


dave said...

Peter, I thought you were the sharpest knife in the drawer. Or are you speaking with forked tongue? ;-)

nobody said...

Sheila's camp used to be city staff... the city manager regularly referred factual questions to her current campaign manager. They aren't ignert. Cunning, smarmy and arrogant.. maybe.

Anyone got video of these folks dancing? It might make Rove look good!

Anonymous said...


I read the Carbondale Times article about the mayoral debate and even after Cole told Simon where the money was coming from for the new police officers she talked like the city didn't have it and would have to either give up something or create more tax revenue.

It was exasperating to me. Either Simon wasn't listening or it was all spin. Either way, I didn't like it.