Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Patents at SIU - still screwed up?

I was researching the last entry and once you start talking to research professors about the brochure, they immediately say something like, "those SOB's have had my patent over there for a year and have done nothing." How hard it is? When someone puts a patent into the system at SIU, they drop it to the bottom of the ocean. Cut it out. Get back to people. Do the work. Maybe a little internet database where people can check the status? I guess that would make you admit that nothing had been done and nothing would ever be done?

I think that SIU is processing more patents these days. My fancy brochure doesn't give any historical numbers, but I remember the numbers like 1 or 2 per year historically and they are claiming 13 patents filed and 2 issued. Maybe the 13 is a good sign or maybe it isn't? If it is 13 patents entering the system, that is only a $1k kind of thing or free if you have one reasonable staff person doing it. It is expensive to do more.

I have written about this before, back before anyone read my blog.

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