Friday, April 27, 2007

Goodbye John Dunn

The DE reports that he has a new job at WMU as the head dude. Good for you Dr. Dunn.

As the turnover of upper management continues. Hopefully, Poshard can build a team that will move things forward. I have a little list of some other people that might go too, but I'm sure you know my list and more names already.

Your comments are welcome.


Kyle Raccio said...

I will miss John Dunn. He was very kind to me during my freshman orientation. He's a very nice guy. I believe he has also worked at Yale?

Peter in Carbondale said...

One of the few things I have learned since I left college is that I don't give a rats behind if someone is nice to me in person. I only care about their actions. Given a choice between someone who isn't warm, but performs at a high level or someone who is warm, but doesn't perform well, I always want the worker.

I have mixed feelings about Dunn's performance at SIU, but I am happy that he gets to make the next step up the ladder. Clearly, he wanted to have the number 1 job somewhere and now he has it.