Thursday, April 05, 2007

Economic Incentive - What does it mean to all of us?

I have been enjoying talking to professors about "Economic Incentives" and how it effects the mayor election. Of course, no professor uses the term economic incentives, but they know when the city is spending money on someone beside them.

I like the search for "Economic Incentive" in Google. The headlines of the search are really interesting - reduction, welfare mothers, trade measures, clean air, identity theft, community nurses. What a diverse list!

In this blog, I have written about Economic Incentives many times. Doing business in Carbondale, Tenure, State Corruption, Medical spending, Saluki Way, and District 95 are always written from my view about the Economic reasons that we should or should not do things in Southern Illinois.

There is nothing more ironic then talking to a retired (or not) professors, who rode SIUC down into the ground, and have them complain about someone else getting economic benefit from tax money. I guess that only professors should be given tax dollars, everyone else should "eat cake?"

Think it over, if you are being paid by the State, do you have the right to complain about someone else getting paid by the State too? I know that I'm not allowed to complain about how much other people make (even though I would love to get into the $750k Lowery deal), are you allowed to complain about how tax money is used if you are on the public teat?

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