Thursday, April 05, 2007

Greg Sprehe slams the Gov's tax plan

Nice story in the SI today. I got to know Greg serving on a advisory board over in the CoBA (Dept. of Management), he is a really smart guy. Greg is quoted in the article as saying -
"The governor's proposal would be devastating to all businesses in Illinois," he said. "Illinois corporations pay 49.85 percent of all taxes received by the state. The U.S. average is 37 percent and Illinois' 49.85 percent is highest in the Midwest."
In a different article in the SI today, the Gov is quoted
Blagojevich said it's not fair that the average working person in Illinois pays $1,500 in state income taxes per year, while 12,521 large corporations with gross sales of more than $263 billion have been paying $151 on the average per year.
I'm having trouble lining these two quotes up. Greg says that Illinois business are paying in more then everyone else around and the Gov says, well, I can't understand what the heck this quote means (and I'm fairly good at it). I think the Gov is saying that business should pay more.

I'm going to get back to the recent thing I did about "Economic Incentive" and point out that business will move out of Illinois, if they are over taxed.

Greg's quote I can understand, I can't understand Blagojevich's quote at all. How did we reelect this bozo? Oh yeah, the John Kerry problem, the Republicans put a loser up against him, again. Have to think over who is luckier Blagojevich or Obama (before you get mad, Obama was going to lose to Blair Hull before he was cut down by his ex-wife. Then he might have lost to the other Ryan, except he wanted to have sex with "7 of 9" while they were married).

Don't blame me, I voted for Whitney!

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