Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nightlife does up the City Council Race this issue - Throws Lewin under the bus

I'll read the rest tonight, but the "Nightlife" Weekly has weighed into the City Council election in today's issue. Lots of coverage, many pages. Go pick one up, it should have lots of good stuff.

I dipped into the featured article about Liz Lewin (editor's note - added the link late. Thanks to the reader for sending it in) and it just fires her up. She doesn't have a clue and they really call her on it. They suggest voting for anyone but Lewin with your city council choices and I agree.

Is anyone planning on voting for Liz? Why would you?


Anonymous said...

I had only one reason for voting against Brad: I support the indoor smoking ban. This now a moot point. I don't agree with Brad on everything, but I respect the hard work he has put in. Ideology is 10%, hard work in 90% of what I am concerned about in a mayor.

wondering said...

We will vote for Liz because someone needs to take the boxes off of the bottom shelf.

Peter in Carbondale said...

> We will vote for Liz because someone needs to take the boxes off of the bottom shelf.

This really had me laughing. Really a smart comment. Thanks for a powerful mash-up.

Kyle Raccio said...

I would say to the anonymous commentator above to read about this 'compromise' smoking ban and realize that it is not the same as Smoke-Free Carbondale has proposed.

As far as Elizabeth Lewin, I am planning on supporting her as one of my three candidates.

Peter in Carbondale said...

Kyle -

You were sounding pretty intelligent for a while and now you give us Liz Lewin as a person you are going to vote for? Man, that is rough.

Kyle Raccio said...

Here's why I support Elizabeth.

I get to choose three candidates in this race and I have to choose wisely.

I'm voting for Joe Moore because as a student, I feel we need more representation in our city government.

I'm voting for Mary Pohlmann because of her commitment to a healthier Carbondale.

And finally, I'm voting for Elizabeth Lewin because of her experience on the school board. But, in all honesty, I have to agree with her comments about the Carbondale students.

While I admit I was disappointed to hear her comments about renters (as I am one -- it's not like I enjoy it, I just can't exactly afford a house right now!) She was dead on when she talked about student destroyed properties.

If you just go into some of the communities here where students reside, there is graffiti, noise violation central, beer bottles and cigarette butts. It's not the kind of place I want to be in. I respect her for acknowledging this and not worrying about the political reprecussions. You've got to give her that, she speaks her mind.

As for the other three candidates, Lance Jack, Luanne Brown, and Steven Haynes.

Haynes I've chosen not to vote for because he seems to want to escape the hard issues. I respect Lance Jack and he is my fallback in case one of my three tick me off in some way (Not likely).

And Luanne Brown I simply know nothing about her except that I disagree with her on some major issues.

Peter in Carbondale said...

It is a shame that you haven't done more research on Liz's quality of work. I don't think it is reasonable to vote for her.

I like your list and your ideas about it. I have Luanne Brown and Liz on my no list (Luanne for the reason you state). The other 4 all have merit in my mind.

If I knew which candidates would read the documents and work hardest, I would vote for them.

I'm torn though, Carbondale City Government has had a great 4 years, maybe we shouldn't be switching horses now?