Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sheila's conspiracy theories continue -watching for cheating

I was down voting this morning and saw that we had poll watchers in my polling place. I realized that both were people I liked and were Sheila supporters. I asked one of them if he planned to be there all day and he said he was, except his wife was going to spell him for lunch.

Turns out that Sheila and her people have decided that Brad has hired college students to go vote illegally. You know, like we are in Chicago! Apparently, she has talked volunteers into keeping track of each voter and making sure there is no funny business going on. What a waste of time.

These people have lost their minds! Wow, I knew they had gone crazy since the primary, but this is really over the top.

Did you see some crazy liberal state employee keeping track of who you were this morning?


sthorne said...

Nope, not at polling place. Maybe they're just worried about yours?

I do remember seeing poll watchers during the primary. Didn't bother to ask who they were for though.

Anonymous said...

um, it's called GOTV, not because of Chicago style nonsense,

Peter in Carbondale said...

Why did Sheila approach the county clerk about this, if it is no big deal?

Nothing better then having an active blog, the back channel keeps on giving.

Jack McKillip said...

Much more likely is that, as in elections I've worked, poll watchers record who votes so that compaigns can call and remind their own backers who have not yet voted.

Dem4Brad said...

I notice someone sitting in the 12th precinct but didn't realize who they were or what they were doing. What does GOTV stand for?

Peter in Carbondale said...

Get out the Vote.

I agree that in most elections, the counters would just be there for GOTV purposes. But in this election, according to multiple sources, they were there for something else.

Ryan said...

GOTV = Get Out The Vote.

This has to be one hell of a self-destruct on Shiela's part. She handed this one to Brad.