Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why Joel is the most disappointing city council member

After Chris Wissmann wrote up his pre-election comments in the "Nightlife", he came under some direct attack here on this blog and I'm sure in other places. Some people even went so far as to claim that he wasn't a good city council member and I certainly don't agree with that. But is did start me thinking, who is the worst city council member?

Here is my stack ranking of city council members, best on top -

Our solid A student.
Cole - understand the issues the best, hardest worker, most ideas.

The A- Students (it is hard to get an "A" if you are only part time).
McDaniel - prepared and fair.
Wissmann - prepared and votes what he things is right. Sometimes I am amazed he votes against somethings, but overall a better representative of the college students and community.

The B, C or D Students, depending on issues.
Jack - needs to work harder preparing, but comes down on the right side of the vote often. I like how he responded to the pressure of the election. Hopefully, this is the start of a new trend, instead of performance of a baseball player in his contract year. Lance has a lot to offer Carbondale, I hope he finds the work ethic to push forward.
Haynes - I'm putting Haynes here, mostly because I can't tell what he is doing. I like his voting record, maybe the best of any council member. I can't tell is he is just a little shy, doesn't prepare enough or just is willing to go along if the vote is going his way. I was impressed by his performance in the debates over the last month or so. I hope he speaks up more, he clearly has a knowledge base of what is going on, that could help.

Our F Student.
Fritzler - I like Joel. I hoped that he would do a good job on City Council, but he hasn't so far. He seems to have two large faults.

First, he doesn't understand how our society works. He has been employed in the public sector forever and either never knew or has forgotten how everything outside of being a low level civil servant works. I ran into him and we ate lunch together a couple of months ago, I was amazed by what he said. He complained about giving businesses tax incentives for anything. He complained about fixing drainage culverts for new buildings. He just didn't get why the tax payers are willing to give the city money and what services we expect.

Joel has had zero results as a city council member thus far. He has proposed nothing that has seen a vote. He seems to have only one agenda item.

Which leads us to Joel's second large fault, his one agenda item is to get Brad Cole and stop him. This just isn't what the citizens of Carbondale need him to do. What we need Joel to do is prepare for the meetings and vote for the things that will move the city forward and help the people who live in it. We don't need him grinding an ax and complaining about every program that Brad puts forward, good or bad.

I don't know why Joel doesn't like Brad, but Joel get over it. You are our worst city council member because of it. Find common ground, make up, compromise, kiss a** if you need to, but do a better job. Most of Brad's programs are good for the city and the right thing to do. Get on the board with his program of moving the city forward, work hard enough to propose programs yourself to move the city forward, or get off the city council and let someone who can act like an adult be elected in your place.

At first, I wanted to give Joel an incomplete. Once I looked into it, I have to give him an F. Joel, you have your midterm grade, you need to pick up your performance by the final. You can't be against everything in the city's/Brad's agenda, it makes you look like a fool.

Of course, your comments are welcome.


Anonymous said...

What programs or initiatives have any of the other Council members proposed? Your grading scheme is clearly based entirely on the frequency with which Council members voted with Cole.

So, I guess being a lackey is worth a good grade in your book. And you complain about grade inflation at SIU? Heal thyself first, Peter.

dave said...

I disagree with your some of your grades Peter. But you're spot-on about Fritzler, who's anti-Cole attitude seems kinda childish. (And I know childish.)

I know why he dislikes Cole (he told me), but you have to read why in my blook, Carbondale After Blog 'one of these days'.

Or maybe he'll explain in a comment.

I don't want to give grades since I have "Special Use Permit" coming up before City Council in May, the night new newly elected are sworn in. Auspiciously, I hope.

I'll grade everyone after that. ;-)

Peter in Carbondale said...

Anon -
Funny, I would say the voting with Brad looks like this (from most to least) -

Simon or maybe she is about Chris?

Seems like maybe my grading ideas don't exactly go by who votes with Brad. Clearly, most things Brad proposes are good for the city and should be passed. Also, since he is the only one driving the agenda, you can vote with him or nothing is going to happen.

Dave -

Looking at that Blog/Blook link, seems like a big milestone is coming soon. I'll take a copy when it is ready. Good work.