Saturday, April 14, 2007

Has SIU's search firm gone bad?

Earlier there was a thread about something and we had a commenter say that SIU should not use a search firm or it was too expensive to use a search firm. That is wrong, it is better to use a good search firm. But, I recently received information that SIU's search firm does a poor job and maybe is prepping the candidates to succeed, by lying to the SIU search process.

I don't know if this is true, but here is the rumor -

The search firm used for the new position of Vice Chancellor for Research, brought in 4 finalists. Two where unemployable and two were prepped by the search firm to lie about important facts. There was no hire.

The same firm was responsible for Wendler being identified. My rumor monger says that Texas A&M had put him on the bench, with no work and no reports when SIU hired him. They go further to say that SIU didn't check him out, because a few phone calls verified these facts.

Now the have used the same search firm again for the new Chancellor search. Apparently, simple checking at Reno, shows that candidate is known to be extremely autocratic and would be unwelcome at SIU. I sure hope that the search committee and Poshard, are really checking these people out, before they are hired.

I now wonder if the commenter who didn't like search firms, was trying to say that they didn't like this search firm? If your search firm isn't productive, or is helping the candidates cover problems that would end their candidacy, that is a real problem.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't SIU use a search firm in the president's search?

Anonymous said...

Peter, just because somebody told you the guy from Nevada is autocratic doesn't mean he is. I've heard lots of things about you but I am withholding judgement until I actually meet you.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I didn't say it was right, but my source is pretty good. Clearly, no one cares, but you need to try new subjects sometime.

You have heard lots of things about me? I guess I'm honored? Who says I want to meet you? ;)