Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is a vote for Simon worse then a vote for Keyes?

I wrote about people who vote for the wrong candidate, because they always vote that way yesterday. My question for today, is a vote for Simon even more silly then voting for Alan Keyes?

Now I agree that Sheila has many qualities, she is a Dem., she is Paul Simon's daughter, she served on city council and has a job at SIU. She has also run a campaign that is about as untruthful as they come. She seems to have framed her campaign, as a vote against what Brad Cole stands for, instead of what she has done, stands for or will do. It is hard for me to buy this technique and smart people are beginning to speak out against it.

Sheila's supporters talk about "wanting to make the community better." I guess what this means is having more citizen committees to guide the city? What do they mean by this anyway?

When I talk to Sheila supporters, they can't really tell me why they are voting for her. The talk like born again Christians debating Creationism. It isn't hard to calmly win a debate on any Simonized talking point, they aren't very good. The Earth was created 5000 years ago by God, but glue was invented 6000 years ago. Brad isn't careful with the budget, but Sheila clearly doesn't understand the budget and the city manager says it is good. Brad paid too much for the American Tap building, but it was the right thing to do. Brad messed up with the Summer cleanup program, but every city council candidate supports it in a revised form. I like to ask back, "what has Sheila accomplished in the last 4 years?" "What has Brad accomplished in the last 4 years?" Everyone knows, Sheila list is largely a blank and Brad's is large.

Like the gardener who works my neighborhood and had a Keyes' sign on his truck, the Simon supporters seem to be people who don't really care about the issues or merit. They just want to vote for Paul Simon's daughter or someone who works at SIU or a bicyclist. Maybe they want to vote for the person most like they are and forget about merit?

So which is worse, voting for Keyes or Simon? I don't see any difference.

Your comments are welcome.


Milton said...

I think you are leaving out one important aspect in each of your examples. Voting for what you believe in is an affirmation of those beliefs. Life long political party voters are just like life long religious patrons. Getting either to switch is difficult because it goes against their entire – lifelong – belief system. Only through one’s genuine self-awareness of misgivings about a political party or a religion can one deviate from supporting either. I would finish, however, by saying that political (or religious) discourse, like this blog, can be a catalyst for change of one’s personal beliefs.

Anonymous said...

You obviously haven't spoken to many Simon supporters since it has been pointed out here and elsewhere, that she has much more going for her than her last name.

Concerned said...

Interesting question Peter, I’m not sure that I’d go as far as citing Hayes, but I’d certainly characterize the Simon supporter tendency as voting for the wedding DAY, and dress, and guests, and flowers, and reception, vs. voting for a LONG-TERM realistic basis for marriage such as honesty, commitment, support for one another, communication, and willingness to work through things, etc., which is to say, what will be left when the honeymoon’s over?

I couldn’t agree more with you when I hear Simon supporters unable to articulate the basis for their support other than the fact that she’s a woman (and this argument drives completely mad!...and I’ll disclose that I’m a woman), she’s a democrat, and a rainbow will constantly grace the skies of Carbondale with all of us happily riding bikes under it. My comments are crass perhaps, but I don’t feel I over-exaggerate when I hear “idol-like” language, on behalf of some of her supporters, when referring to her person. I find Cole’s actions appropriate, and his stance reasonable for the Office he holds, but I also think he’s human, and makes mistakes, and one should be able to question him, or anyone in that post about their actions. In other words, our candidates, like us and our spouses, are “just” people at the end of the day, and more often than not, not the idols we marry at the altar.

I wish we voted for THAT person, the ungroomed spouse in sweat pants! And not the illusion built around a fancy wedding dress, a tux, flowers, or guest list.


Concerned said...

Brillaintly put Milton!

Concerned said...

I meant "Keyes" not "Hayes!" Sorry everyone.

Anonymous said...

Huh! Analogizing Simon to Keyes? Keyes to Cole maybe, since they share the same distorted values. But isn't the comparison to Simon a bit confused? All I can think of is that you are desperate for points to make.