Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Had to take a little break. A good book.

I was kind of burned out after the election and had to take a little break from the blog for a couple of days. Just came back from a few days in the Northwest. Went to my favorite NW non-profit's annual charity auction. You wouldn't believe the amount of skyscraper construction in Bellevue, WA.

I bought a book that seems interesting, "More Sex is Safer Sex," by Landsberg. Kind of like Freakonomics, only different. I'm not quite done, but the first chapter alone makes the book worth buying.

Anyone else have a book to share with the crowd?


Jonathan said...


I'll have to pick up Landsburg's latest book. His _Armchair Economist_ was much better than _Freakonomics_ (written by someone else). I highly recommend that one too (Armchair Economist).

Stan Hansen said...

"Made to Stick" by Dan and Chip Heath. Kind of like if you take the airwalk case in tipping point, dissected it, found 15 more examples like it (Subway's Jared etc...) and gave it a method. A very addicting marketing book.

Roger Pugh said...


Long time lurker on your blog. I have been reading your work regularly over the last few months. I appreciate the challenge you require of your readers: to think critically, and to make sound arguments.

We met initially a few years ago, during the Southern Angels Small Business Plan contest. Since then, when our paths have crossed, (Quatros) we have cordially recognized each other (if that helps you put a name and a face together).

If you have not read Jared Diamond's books, "Guns, Germs, and Steel," and "Collapse," you owe it to yourself to take a chance on an author who promises to illuminate the "big picture" on the process which have shaped populations, economies, and civilizations, and actually delivers in ways that engage the reader, and seem so obvious (once Diamond has teased out the common threads among those processes). "Collapse" is the most recent book, and feels more scholarly, (he is a scholar, after all). Don't be deterred from "Guns, Germs, and Steel" if you saw the poorly paced lecture of a miniseries of the same name on PBS a couple of years back. The book, as they say, is so much better than the movie.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I think Jon is right, I like this book better then Freakonomics thus far.

I'm ordering Made to Stick today, thanks Stan.

I read Guns, ... when it was published, but I should reread it now that I'm an adult. Going to get that one from the library. I don't want scholarly.

I went to CCHS with a Roger Pugh, that isn't you is it? Class of 1980? :)

Thanks for the tips, nothing better then good books.