Sunday, September 24, 2006

Southern Way is Poshard plan right?

There is a comment from Fraydog in my last post (there are lots of good comments in there including someone that likes Uncle Walt! A first for any non-holy roller on this blog.) that I thought was worth pulling out and commenting about in the mail items.

Fraydog wrote, "I expect Poshard to kill off Saluki Way silently and gently not long after Wendler leaves."

My feeling is that Poshard made this plan, he told me it is his plan and when he took over he put his plan for 2001 back in place. As a new president he gets to go do something big without anyone complaining at him and he has chosen to do Saluki Way Phase 1 here in Carbondale. If you follow the press he is planning to build a new building or two on every campus. This is what he does, feed the labor unions and the best way to do that is to build big things.

Is there anyone who thinks this is Wendler's plan and somehow Poshard is going to do the right thing once Walt is gone? I don't think Wendler is leaving, he and Poshard are going to do a deal and he is going to be here for years. That is what Illinois politicians do right? Make deals and allow people to hang out and do nothing as long as they play ball.

Before hearing Poshard speak and asking him questions I hoped he had a clue, but he really wants his football stadium and he is going to issue bonds and get it unless someone really makes a stink.

I suspect all the BOT want it too, except Sam Goldman who seems to still have morals attached. Politically, when you are out voted 6 to 1 you have no choice but to stay almost silent.

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