Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another mayor candidate!

They are like an army of lemmings out of the law school these days.

I love the part where a 38 year old candidate is going to be the next generation, what does that make Brad Cole who is even younger? I may go to one of her town meetings to see the show... who am I kidding? I would rather stay home and wash dishes than listen to that stuff.

Gotta love the idea that she is going to keep the young adults from leaving town. What a stupid thing to say, unless she is going to start a company that creates 4,000 jobs per year to absorb SIUC's graduates. What would that do to the quality of life around here? It isn't that enough people don't want to live here, it is there aren't enough good jobs to allow anyone with much ambition to stay.

I'm looking forward to reading the detailed plans for business development in Carbondale. Last election Cole wrote one and has marched his way down each of his objectives. I think that is the bar, if Brad can write a plan on how to improve the city then the two ladies can do the same. You can bet I'll be having fun picking the plans or lack of them apart come voting time.

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