Monday, September 18, 2006

I love this link from Wendler's job interview.

A comment contained this link from the DE when Wendler was interviewing. I love the quote -

"If you want to know what someone thinks, look at the check they write," he said.

Do you think the alumni checks toward Saluki Way indicate the level of support SIU is getting on that program?

In terms of goals for the next five years, Wendler said he would continue a strategic plan and work to create a national image emphasizing SIUC's strengths.

If everything works as planned, he said the University should be reaping the benefits by the 10-year mark.

"Ten years out I guess we would all be happy and fat," he said.

Would it be right that our 5 year plan for building an image on our strengths would be focused on plagiarism from the top administrators and their speech writers? Maybe he decided to skip this one until later? If anyone from SIU is reading this you could buy click ads on Google to attract students, but your webpage would have to not stink then.

Check out his ideas of the big problems at SIUC -

Another essential part of fund-raising Wendler spoke of is the University's image. Two major image issues facing SIU are the recent questions surrounding minorities and the Carbondale Police and well-publicized debauchery of Halloween festivities.

Nothing better than someone who thinks they should stop student parties by making them go underground and fix police based racial discrimination in Southern Illinois. It is better not having the students destroy the businesses on the strip, we everyone knew how to stop it before, stop selling booze to students for a few days.

Let me suggest that SIU's image problems revolve around recruiting more students, employee vs. management relationship issues, quality of students, loss of the best and most ambitions faculty to other universities, management of employees (i.e. getting the employees to give an honest day's work and rewarding employees fairly and with merit.) and a crumbling infrastructure of 1950's era buildings without sufficient maintenance budget. Maybe the biggest problem SIUC has is the lack of a business community to support and guide it, university administrators are so dense about the real world.

It is about results, image is skin deep.

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