Sunday, September 17, 2006

Caleb's column on Friday and the Saluki Way

I swear the Southern Illusion's website needs a new search, the one they have now stinks. I was looking for Caleb Hale's article about student spending and poor students and couldn't find it to include the link here (sorry). Caleb wrote an interesting piece on student spending and why students have large student debts (car, eat out everyday, video games and pretty soon you run into real money). He had a conclusion that I don't agree with that was if the students spend so much on crap, how can anyone be too poor for College. Don't take my word for this, the experts (at least the ones that don't get paid by the Republican Party) tell us as you raise college fees, you start to exclude more and more people. Just because this doesn't effect 90% or 70% or 50% doesn't mean you don't price many out.

You know what you get when you price people out of college don't you? Young person problems like the Middle East, no not blowing things up, but high unemployment rate, negative savings, lack of hope for a better future. We don't want to go there.

The think I really like about Caleb's piece is he started to pick apart the financial end of being a modern college student. I feel he was right on the money with his ideas that students are spending like there is no tomorrow and then complaining about how well they did it. I guess if your parents spend every cent, you feel that is your family's way of managing money? Someone who is a keener observer of college students than I said, "they all want to be players."

I was inspired by the idea of financial analysis and thought I would start to figure out the numbers behind the Saluki Way program. We know one thing for sure, that Glenn Poshard thinks he can afford it between today and when he retires by floating bonds. I'm going to start attaching numbers to these financials and see if we can figure out how much money they are going to blow before they have no chance to improve education.


Anonymous said...

Something about these modern students... why do they have to have a new car? Why won't they live in a trailer? Why do they need private rooms? Work a job, you gotta be kidding!! yea those things are nice but part of the college experience has always been personal sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

"If you want to know what someone thinks, look at the check they write," - Walter V. Wendler

Twice a month, I'm reminded exactly of how little W. W. thinks of my 17 years of exceptional service and dedication and I think about how much is being spent on buildings in the Saluki Way and it depresses me.