Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Somebody is lying - more on SIUC plagiarism - plus the bad news and good news.

The Southern has chosen not to put it on their website, but there is an interesting article by Caleb Hale today on the top of the front page (you can read most of it without buying a copy by looking through the glass on the machine). He did the face to face with Wendler and as far as I can tell Walt calls the charges against him a lie. He says the comparison is against working documents and not the final stuff (or something like that). He also says he isn't going to apologize anyhow.

I just don't care enough to go figure out the moral, legal and personal implications of these charges, but I can tell you that someone is lying. Should be interesting to see who it is.

I guess in the bad news is that the university is still poorly managed, the professor who was fired is still fired, the PR blackeye is still there (but they did spell SIU right, so that is something), the faculty are still underpaid and feel unloved, the plans for the university are to build buildings they don't need with money they don't have.

The good news is SIU is full of good people trying to do the right thing, there really aren't that many jerks to move out if you did get real management, the budget for this year and the next 10 are going to be paid by the state, the basketball team looks good, and it is fall in Southern Illinois.

In total, life is pretty good. Count your blessings, you could be the failing manager of a very large organization.

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