Monday, September 25, 2006

Have I mentioned that I'm impressed with the new Dean of Business?

It is advisory board season over in CoBA and so I have seen our new Dean Cradit speak twice in about two weeks (note, he looks better in person than this mug shot. He looks like a runner in person and in this picture he looks as wide as I am. :) ). He is a marketing professor by trade and he says things that really impress me so far about marketing the college, managing people and understanding what his job is and how he has to work with the professors in business.

I have always enjoyed talking to Terry Clark (chairman of marketing in CoBA) and now there are at least two people who understand marketing at SIUC in management (not trying to slight the other marketing professors or the professors in Mass Comm who know this too, but they are just normal peons and not management).

Imagine replacing Sue Davis (named here as worst administrator of the year) with someone who really understands marketing. There are people out there who are real marketing pros, who know how to manage an organization, know web marketing, and everything else that is needed. SIU has a huge manpower commitment in Sue's empire, just imagine someone smart running it. Someone as good as Terry or Dennis. Someone who could draw on these pros for help.

In any case, maybe it is time for the boys in Anthony Hall to get some real marketing expertise online? They just hired a real pro, maybe they should allow him to help?

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