Wednesday, September 20, 2006

SIU's pesky BOT makes Wendler look to the student purse again

Since the BOT thinks that phase 1 of Saluki Way shouldn't be all about football and basketball stadium, plus a building so Uncle Walt can see his new toys from this new office, they added a $25M building for "core classes." After going back to the office and running the numbers it was decided that in order to get the bonds to go, their needed to be more revenue. Student fees are going up again to make it all work.

My phase 1 plan is the $25M core building, a $5 bandaid for the football stadium and $40M to fix up classroom all around campus, $20M Arena fix up and $4M for faculty salaries. Of course, if you let me in charge, professors that retire in place would be seeing their research results published in the DE and class schedules that were a creative reminder that management can still screw with you even if you have tenure. Note to the reader - I own a management spine which the SIU administration doesn't seem to have. :)

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