Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Faculty salaries - financial analysis series

Yesterday I wrote about my estimated $49M of additional tuition revenue that SIU is scheduled to make because of their continued tuition increases. Today, I thought I would touch on faculty salaries and the few numbers I have heard about them.

Yesterday I was reading the DE and came across a letter from Tony Williams Professor of English. Dr. Williams claims that if you exclude chairmen, former administrators and new Southern at 150 super hires that the average full professor is under paid by $20k per year compared to a chart the DE published. If his claim is true that SIU did indeed release numbers to the DE about professor's salaries that included much higher paid managers to make them look better they should be ashamed of themselves.

In my fire the chairmen series of posts I already blogged about chairmen being paid at a minimum 40% more when they get the job and are given much larger raises than normal professors.

Counting the former administrators who are working out their golden parachutes really stinks. For example, if your department has a former administrator who is making $200k+ per year, think about how that drives up the average salary?

Question - are chairmen included in the raise budget that has been batted around in the papers? How much of the total raise for a department do they get with their "different raise ladder?"

Isn't it time that the local press educated themselves on the issues and started to report something that looks like the truth instead of administration spin?

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