Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wouldn't that new power plant be convenient for Saluki Way?

I was reading the DE's piece on Poshard's power plant idea (great graphic on that story, by Nick Brimeyer. But no staff link for the shout out.) and realized that it would really solve a lot of problems in Saluki Way too. They don't have enough room to put the Saluki Way project in without destroying the SIU Student Intramural Sports program, but this really makes sense. If you remove the Physical Plant's power facility, you could build right there on those parking lots. All the employees are moving over to the Morris Annex after the Morris books are put back anyway.

Then you could build a coal powered power plant right on Mclaugherty Road and basically make the SW side of Carbondale a toxic waste area. Then you could build all the planned dorms on Oakland. NIMBY comes to mind. Is this part of SIU's master plan to make the whole city limits of Carbondale house only students?

It will never happen, but it has many cool aspects if it was to be built. If the state has a choice between building this kind of plant in Chicago, St. Louis Suburbs or Carbondale, where will they build it? Somewhere else where there are more voters would be the safe choice.

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